We are currently in Term 2 (January to March).

The January term starts on Monday 7th of January and runs for 12 weeks up to March 31st.

Students are allowed two cancellations per term that can be made up or credited towards the next term.

Lessons can be booked at any time and will only be charged up to the end of term.


Term 2 Prices (Jan-March)


                                                                                           Private: 276.00                                                                                           

Group of 2: 204.00

Large Group: 156.00

Gaisce Private: 248.00

Gaisce Large Group: 150.00

Gaisce Group of 2: 180.00

Young Students: 192.00

Once Off Private: 25

Friends and Families booking together and students undertaking the Gaisce Award can avail of a 10% discount.


Term 3 runs from April 1st to June 30th and is 13 weeks long

Term 3 Prices (April-June) 13 weeks


Private: 299.00
Group of 2: 221.00
Large Group: 169.00
Gaisce Private: 268.70
Gaisce Large Group: 162.50
Gaisce Group of 2: 195.00
Young Students: 208.00
Once Off Private: 25