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Term 1:

September 4th to December 16th, 2017 (14 weeks)

Term 2:

January 8th to April 21st, 2018 (11 weeks)


Term 3:

April 30th to June 30th, 2018 (9 weeks)

Term 4:

July to September

Private: €320
Group of 2: €230
Large Group: €180
Gaisce Private: €285
Gaisce Large Group: €175
Young Students: €215
Once Off Private: €25
Private: €251.46
Group of 2: €180
Large Group: €141.46
Gaisce Private: €223.96
Gaisce Large Group: €137.50
Young Students: €168.64
Once Off Private: €25
Private:  €205.74
Group of 2: €147.87
Large Group:  €115.74
Gaisce Private: €183.24
Gaisce Large Group: €112.50
Young Students: €138.24
Once Off Private: €25
Flexible term lengths available


Online Application

The easiest way to sign up for lessons is through our website.
Sign up through our “enroll now” link. We will then email you back with available times.

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Music Lessons Types

Private lessons:

Private lessons are our most popular type of lesson.
Private music lessons consist of one to one lessons with their teacher for 30 minutes each week.
Longer private lessons are available for more experienced students for 45 and 60 minutes per week.

Group of 2:

This type of lesson is popular with siblings or friends who want to learn together. We can also pair up suitable group partners. Lessons are 30 minutes long.

Large group (3 or more):

Group lessons are held for guitar lessons and keyboard. Students are grouped by age and ability. Lessons are 45 minutes long.

Gaisce Award:

Students entering the Gaisce award programme are challenged to improve a new skill over 13 or 26 weeks. Students can study their instrument in a group or privately.
Lessons for younger students: Students under the age of 6 may require shorter lessons. We can provide 20 minute lessons, which are less taxing for students at this stage.
One off Lessons: Students that do not wish to commit to a term may avail of one off lessons, which are charged at a slightly higher rate.